Being that Vamped Music exclusively supports the Carolina Hurricanes, and we never miss a game, let’s talk arena music.  Sitting at the second game of a back to back, it struck me how, I seemed to be noticing the music more as we sang “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, by Whitney Houston, and the camera panned to crowd members who clearly think they should have picked a different song for the Sing-a-long Cam.  Even though the verse lyrics alluded them, they danced and did their best to lip-sync.  A little later, “Sweet Caroline” was almost sung in it entirety, despite the music ending after the “good times”  The Canes were up 4-2.  The night before, about this point in the game, it seemed like I ended up in an all ages club.  The music was geared to keep younger people engaged, I think.  As the game slipped away, so did their attention.  The sing-a-long cams of Whitney gave way purely adorable children writhing away to the latest in Top 40. Perhaps so the parents were able to stick around a little longer without the chaos.  Canes lost 5-2.

I will say I am a fan of the metal genre the tenser parts of the game, DMX or Biggie will come on and it has the same effect, young, old, and I suspect, players alike.  I figure that it would be fairly difficult to appease the majority of people, I can’t please everyone in my car on the way to school.  We all know that know that music can match the mood, of the joyous win.  The talent of the arena DJ, is to find the music to boost the mood.

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